Have This Situation Ever Happen to You?



Have This Situation Ever Happen to You?

One day you realize that you want to lose weight and dream to get into good likable shape. You finally accept that your health is important to you and that you want to improve the quality of your life through diet and exercise. You feel like this time is the time you will finally start working out and quick making excuse. You are finally ready to become the best version of yourself.

First, you start out with great intentions in this new change you are about to implement and high expectations. The first few days went very well. You finally are making the time to exercise and most importantly, you’re eating vegetables and proteins. You’re avoiding sugar, bad snacks, and sodas.

After day 4, you step on the scale and find that the number has gone down on your weight or up depending on your goal! That moment you have so much excitement because you are making progress towards your goal and that feels good.

The next day something unexpected happens that you didn’t plan on. You catch a cold or family matters. That situation causing you to have to make a hard decision because It would only aggravate your illness to exercise in this condition, so you had to take the day off. During that time of off day, you find yourself eating comfort food for dinner. You are feeling sick or unexpected family matter, so it seems justified.

A week have gone by then you think about returning to the gym, but your brother is graduating from college and there’s a family celebration. In the celebration, there are options for unhealthy food and no healthy food. After you have no choice than to eat what is served; cake, cookies, rice, etc.. a slice of celebration cake later, and you’re in no condition to exercise. As your insulin levels soar and your energy dips, you tell yourself that tomorrow is the day that you get back on track.

Tomorrow brings with it more unexpected turns, pushing your healthy lifestyle just out of reach.

There’s a very simple reason for this outcome: If you’re looking for an excuse the world will provide you with one Every Single Time.

You said to yourself that you were not looking for an excuse. What happened happens unexpectedly. You wanted to stick with the program and you were doing good but caught a cold that cannot be controlled and life got busy.

If someone offered you something which is your favorite but let us go with money for this situation because everyone loves money, 1 million dollars. With that offer you can not reject just to stick with your diet and exercise program for 4 months could you do it?

You bet you could! And you’d probably even do it for 50 thousand dollars.

This means that if you had a great enough incentive then you’d stick with your program and get results. Life is hard and things do happen. The world will throw obstacles at you but only you can find a way to overcome it and keep on going. So right now the incentive, the motive, the desire just isn’t great enough to protect you against all of the excuses.

Find your incentive and the results will follow.